Abella Honey with Royal Jelly - 5.25 oz

Abella Honey with Royal Jelly - 5.25 oz

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Abella products consist of 100% pure, raw, unfiltered artisan honey from remote Galician apiaries. Royal jelly, pollen and propolis—long hailed for their health benefits—are carefully gathered from the hives and slowly swirled into the honey to create our richly textured blends. Chestnut, oak, eucalyptus and blackberry are among our single varietal honeys that will be launched in the near future. Royal jelly, nature’s “super food,” is produced by worker bees and mainly fed to the queen to ensure her vitality and longevity. It is renowned for promoting healthy skin, energy, a strong immune system and fertility.
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Product Information

Country of Origin Spain
Ingredients Pure raw honey, Royal Jelly