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Acetum Burgundy Seal Aged 12 years Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP 3.38 oz

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Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, historically regarded as a significant part of the family wealth, was quoted in bequests and was prestigious gift for the young brides of aristocratic origins. Was jealously preserved in the attic and lovingly cared for from generation to generation. He was considered a panacea principles medicated able to cure all ills. Was rarely given as a gift, but if it was a gift worthy of "kings and princes" l that is how since the Renaissance the Balsamic Vinegar of Este was well known to the highest levels of European aristocracies

Acetum Burgundy Seal Aged 12 years Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP 3.38 oz

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Country of Origin Italy
Region Modena
Preparation A highly versatile product. Preferebly used uncooked, it is at its best with Parmesan cheese and strawberries. Delicious as a salad dressing with extra-virgin olive oil. wonderful on roast and boiled meat.
Additional Information It enhances the aroma and flavour of any dish. A fine alternative to a liqueur
Acidity Noticable acidic undertones.
Bouqet Characteristic, smooth, penetrating and lingering aromatic bouquet.
Appearance bright, full dark brown colour. Free-flowing yet dense.
Palate An unmistakable well-balanced sweet-and-sour flavour, with definite notes of vinegar, lively, sincere, complete, velvety, intense and lingering.

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