Alemagna Incarto Classic Pandoro Italian Holiday Cake, 2.2 lbs

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Alemagna Incarto Classic Pandoro Italian Holiday Cake, 2.2 lbs

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Unwrapping presents is one of the great joys of Christmas, an indelible memory that renews itself every year. Alemagna hand wrapped Pandoro is the sweetest way to relive that emotion: the pleasure of undoing the bow, taking off the ribbon... letting oneself be won over by the vanilla fragrance. Wrapped by skilled hands in order to be even more special, the hand wrapped Pandoro gets noticed also under the Christmas tree, together with many presents.

As has always been done for the Pandoro in Verona: here is the recipe that Alemagna follows with great care. A committed process that lasts an entire day and starts the night before with the preparation of the mother yeast. In the morning, the first mixing to amalgamate yeast, flour, water and sugar. After about two and a half hours, a second mixing brings together the egg yolks and the additional supporting yeast. Finally, one and a half hours later, the third mixing, which is divided in three phases during which more flour, egg yolks, water, sugar, cocoa butter and butter are added. The butter itself, in great quantity, will be very important to give the Pandoro that unmistakable fragrance.

The way the slice of Pandoro presents itself, its look, can make the moment of the Feast even more pleasurable and special. In order to obtain equally sized slices, it is sufficient to slice the Pandoro lengthwise along its grooves. However, for a more surprising effect, it is possible to slice the Pandoro across its width, so to obtain some original eight point star-shaped slices.

The MOTHER YEAST, a mixture of water and flour with a high concentration of natural leavens. It has been regenerating on a daily basis for almost 30 years and it guarantees a unique softness: that is why it is one of the key ingredients of Pandoro. The high protein content of the SUPERFINE FLOUR is ideal for slow risings. Its particular characteristics impart elasticity important for the correct leavening of the mixture. FRESH EGGS exclusively come from controlled farming. The yolk, in particular, gives the dough its classic golden colour. The Alemagna recipe is rich in BUTTER in order to guarantee a really soft and fragrant mixture.

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Country of Origin Italy
Ingredients Naturally leavened baked cake. Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, fresh eggs, butter, yeast, emulsifiers: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, powdered skim milk, salt, cocoa butter, flavourings. Sugar sachet: icing sugar, wheat starch, flavourings.
Storage Store in a dry place, far from heat.
Allergens May contain nuts and soy.