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Alemagna L'Astuccio Classic Panettone Italian Holiday Cake, 11 lbs

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Every year Alemagna loved to give its hand-packaged Panettoni an extra touch of personality: a lively bow, a holly twig, a light veil. The most classical traditional packaging now has a fascinating graphic look, with the characteristic colours of the Alemagna brand. L'Incartato, with its bow to be undone that slips through the fingers, offers the joy of a unique gesture.

A little portion of mother yeast, mixed with water and flour. Skilful movements that mix with grace, in order to allow for the balanced union of all ingredients. A process that repeats itself three times, allowing for three phases of natural leavening to obtain the perfect mixture after almost thirty hours. The incision on the top - called scarpatura - evokes the ancient custom of notching a cross as a blessing for the daily bread. Then, the baking in tunnel ovens featuring different temperatures, where the Panettone gains structure and flavour. And finally the cooling imparts the right moisture.

The MOTHER YEAST, a mixture of water and flour with a high concentration of natural leavens. It has been regenerating on a daily basis for the last thirty years and guarantees a unique softness: this is the reason why it is one of the key ingredients of Panettone. The high protein content of the SUPERFINE FLOUR is ideal for slow leavening. Its particular characteristics impart elasticity important for the correct leavening of the mixture. FRESH EGGS exclusively come from controlled farming. The yolk, in particular, gives the dough its classic golden colour. The Alemagna recipe is rich in BUTTER in order to guarantee a really soft and fragrant mixture. The unmistakable and delicate aroma that is released by the VANILLA pods makes the flavour fuller. The rinds from exclusively selected Oranges and Diamante Cedar from the Alto Tirreno Cosentino region (The Cedar Riviera – Calabria region) are CANDIED in a slow and natural way to maintain their flavour and essential oils intact. The thickness of the candied rinds utilized by Alemagna allows for an excellent softness after baking and for the typical fragrance within the dough. RAISINS from Turkey, made from big and juicy grapes, keep their sweetness and softness even after baking.

Alemagna L'Astuccio Classic Panettone Italian Holiday Cake, 11 lbs

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Country of Origin Italy
Ingredients Naturally leavened baked cake, ingredients: wheat flour, fresh eggs, butter, candied orange and citrus peels (orange and citrus peels, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, acidifying citric acid), sugar, sultanas, fresh egg yolk, milk, natural yeast, emulsifier, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, glucose syrup, flavours, cocoa butter, salt.
Preparation A few minutes before opening the package, put the panettone close to a source of heat: this will enhance the fragrance and aroma of the butter.
Storage Store in a dry place, far from heat.
Allergens May contain traces of nuts.

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