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Agostino Recca
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Agostino Recca Whole Anchovies Packed In Salt, 28.2 oz

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Anchovies packed in salt. Agostino Recca of Sicily, are packed in salt and sold by the pound can, the texture of salted anchovies is firm; "The flavor is more complex, deeper, earthy, more oceanic."


Here is how to prepare them:

 1. One by one, hold the anchovies under cold, running water, rinsing off the salt.

 2. Lay an anchovy down on a washable work surface, grasp it by the tail end and use a small paring knife to scrape off the thin, silver skin, going from the tail toward the head. Turn it over and do the other side. If the anchovy has a small fin at the top of its back, remove it, pulling away with it the tiny bones attached.

 3. Insert your thumbnail into the end of the anchovy where the head used to be and scrape along the spine to open the anchovy completely flat, exposing the spine. Pinch through the spine at the tail and pull it away, thus producing two spineless fillets. Most Italians would not be bothered by the small loose bones that may remain.

 4. With the paring knife, scrape away the intestines, if any.

 5. When all the anchovies are done, rinse the fillets under cold running water, then pat dry.

 6. Choose a rectangular glass or ceramic container that can accommodate the fillets lying flat. Smear the bottom with olive oil, cover with a layer of the fillets, pour olive oil over these, and then continue in the same manner using up all the fillets. The top layer must be fully under oil. Wrap the container with plastic wrap and refrigerate. The anchovies are most delicious just at this moment, but they will keep quite well for up to 2 weeks. Bring to room temperature before serving.

Agostino Recca Whole Anchovies Packed In Salt, 28.2 oz

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Country of Origin Italy

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