Condorelli Top Selection Assorted Soft Torroncini Nougats, 300g

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Condorelli Top Selection Assorted Soft Torroncini Nougats, 300g

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Condorelli and that of a unique and fascinating history, which comes in a small pastry of Belper, in the province of Catania. Here Francesco Condorelli, just 21 years, refining his skills and learn to choose only the best ingredients of his beloved Sicily. Here begins his biggest dream: to bring the best traditional Sicilian confectionery bakeries in all of Italy. Condorelli, became one of the most popular brands of pastry, kept alive day after day the original spirit. Today as then, it selects only those ingredients are the most genuine and most typical: pistachios Etna, Sicilian almonds, Honey Blossom. So, faithful to the traditional recipe, born Soft Nougat Covered: intense pleasure from a soft dough, the inimitable a Sicilian pastry. Assorted flavors include: almond and pistachio nougat sweets with vanilla, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, orange, lemon and coffee coatings. 20 + pieces are included in this gift box.
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Country of Origin Italy