Bella Italia Fusilli Giganti - 17.6 oz (2 Pack)

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What would happen if the most enveloping shape of pasta in the world increased in size? Bella Italia, with its Fusilli Giganti, gives you the chance to discover all the secrets of flavour hidden in the famous shape originating in northern-central Italy, named after "fuso", the spindle used in the past for spinning wool. When pasta was handmade, fusilli pasta was produced by a method passed down from mother to daughter. It was an acquired skill: spaghetti was twisted around a knitting needle with a swift gesture by expert hands. The ability was reminiscent of that of the spinners, and in fact the name "fusilli" comes from "fuso", the spinner's spindle. Today, Bella Italia maintains the values which animated those movements, reproducing and conserving the characteristics of taste and tradition.