Boschetto Al Tartufo Bianchetto

Sometimes going with a tried and true cheese that has already won awards is the way to go and that is what you get when you go with Boschetto Al Tartufo Bianchetto. The harmony between the pronounced flavor of glorious white truffle and the delicate sweetness of the tender cow and sheep's milk paste are just two of the reasons why this cheese was voted one of the best in the 1998 Cheese Show in France.

Boschetto Al Tartufo Bianchetto is a sweet and mild cheese made from the blend of cow's and sheep's milk. This cheese is produced by the Il Forteto Cooperative in the Tuscan town of Mugello, Italy. Cow's and sheep's milk are combined with truffle, and aged for less than sixty days, so it is very fresh. The cheese and the truffle complement each other beautifully: sweet, savory, pleasantly briny cheese, and woodsy, garlicky truffle, with neither overpowering the other.

Mixed throughout are shavings of rare white truffles which builds character in the cheese by providing rustic and earthy undertones in the flavor. This ensures that even if the chunk of cheese you get does not have a truffle in it, the flavor is infused throughout. What a treat to have truffles in your cheese, giving it that something extra special and extra bit of unique taste. Its semi-soft, pleasantly toothsome texture will bring about a sigh of relief and an exclamation of, "Ah, nice!" upon tasting.

The mild aroma and creamy texture of the cheese along with the mushroomy taste of the truffles create a harmonious blend of fresh and rustic flavors.  Pair this Boschetto Al Tartufo Bianchetto with a nice fruity red wine for a perfect combination to enjoy anytime.