Bulgaria may be a small country but it is bursting at the seams with good things to eat. Bulgarians are known for cooking fresh, organic dishes using the best ingredients. Cheese is a great addition to almost any meal and Bulgaria is home to some of the best varieties available. Gourmet chefs all over the world love using the delicious cheeses that originate in Bulgaria.


Kashkaval is a popular Bulgarian cheese made from sheep's milk. It is a semi-hard yellow cheese that comes in several variations ranging from bland to spicy. It is used in all aspects of Bulgarian cuisine, including cooking because it melts nicely. It can have a pungent taste similar to bleu cheese, even though it's not a moldy cheese.


Brinza cheese, another favorite among Bulgarians, is also made from sheep's milk. It is a very versatile cheese with many uses. It has a salty, smooth taste. When young, it is creamy and spreadable. It is a perfect pairing for meat, cheese and cracker trays, and other hors d'oeuvres. As it ages, it becomes more firm and crumbly, which makes it great for salads.


Feta cheese comes in a few different varieties, the most well known being produced in Greece. Sirene cheese, from Bulgaria, is another form of Feta cheese that many consider to be superior to the Greek version. It is a white, salty, brined cheese that can be made from either sheep or cow's milk. It is used in many traditional Bulgarian dishes and originates in the southern Trakia region of the country.


There's a good reason why professional chefs and food lovers all over the world include these cheeses in their lineup. Next time you're in the mood for gourmet cooking, try one of these Bulgarian varieties of cheese to top off your meal. The superior quality and taste they provide is a perfect addition to any meal.