Planeta Extra Virgin Olive Oil
When selecting olive oil, a lot of shoppers are misguided in their decisions and wrongly assume that all olive oils have been created equal when in truth, two bottles of olive oil can be vastly different from one another. The next time you're faced with an olive oil conundrum, choose Castello Di Ama Chianti Classico Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil; problem solved.

Before opening up your bottle of Castello Di Ama olive oil, take a moment to reflect upon the nature of the contents of that bottle and to appreciate the exquisite quality of olive oil that you have before you. Castello Di Ama olive oil is made in limited quantities because the trees yield only about one liter per tree; they only produced 225 cases of oil this year. Between the end of October and the end of November all of the olives are harvested by hand and are pressed within hours of being picked, and what you are privy to receive in a bottle is the result of this delicate process.

Opening up a bottle of Castello Di Ama olive oil takes you back to that harvesting process, allowing you to smell a strong aroma as if an actual olive tree was planted before you. Hints of thistle, artichoke and wild chicory, with intense fragrant hints of rosemary and mint amaze your senses, and its taste elicits that of fresh vegetables, lettuce, black pepper and almond. With such an obvious aroma and memorable taste, Castello Di Ama olive oil will lead you to wonder how you managed to get by with just an ordinary olive oil until now. Using Castello Di Ama olive oil will elevate your recipes, endowing them with a renewed sense of intense flavor that an ordinary olive oil could never give them, so go ahead and drizzle some on top of your fresh salmon or use it to sauté vegetables. You'll be delighted with the results.