For all cheese lovers out there, there is a new ‘block’ in town. Whether you like it plain or in a dairy dish, cheese is a part of the wide range of dairy delicacies and can be added to any of your favorites. Now you can enhance your taste buds with a unique twist with CasArrigoni Cheese.


An all time favorite is to invite my friends over for a night of wine and cheese tasting. Now I can finally do it the right way with this eclectic range of choices from CasArrigoni Cheese. This cheese is unlike any other. Due to its aging process taken place in the highest of mountains in the country of Italy, this cheese is only the finest of them all. This imported delicacy can now be added to all of your dinner/wine tasting parties. The hardest part might be choosing which type of CasArrigoni Cheese you will enjoy the most!


Let your palate run wild with these different types of CasArrigoni Cheese. If you are interested in a cheese that gives you a soft texture and a divine dairy taste while having a nice surprise of apricot and almond, the CasArrigoni Rosso Imperiale Blue Cheese with Grape Pomace is the choice you would want to make. This bold blend of dairy cheese, nuts and fruits coming together in just one bite, allows you to enjoy all the different flavors of the world. Similarly, the CasArrigoni Belzeblu Gorgonzola Il Dolce Piccante spices up your palate with a distinctive taste of chili pepper. While the CasArrigoni Roccolo Cave Aged Cheese was aged in the depths of a cave, this earthy taste and appearance will go great with all types of red wines. In addition to this, the CasArrigoni Nero Imperiale Roccolo Balsamico Cheese also has this earthy aged feel to it while being infused with the elegant flavor of balsamic vinegar, which gives the cheese this sweet/sour taste all in one bite.


Dare to be bold, spicy and earthy all at once with CasArrigoni Cheese.