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As a foodie, one is always on the lookout for a new or different product to ignite our taste buds. Today I bring you Provolone Cheese from Auricchio, the largest producer of provolone in Italy.

Auricchio is an Italian cheese making company that has been in the business of making cheese since the 19th century. The founder of the company created a special secret rennet to produce provolone cheese and within a few short years, was already importing his cheese to the United States due to the high demand of consumers, especially in Little Italy. The company closely guards this secret recipe, and rightfully so.

Auricchio Provolone Cheese is made from kneading and stretching of cow’s milk curd. The cheese is aged for at least 12 months and is semi-hard. With a distinctive rind with rust colored printing, the cheese is immediately recognizable, down to the smallest wedge. It is the long aging process and the secret rennet formula that are responsible for the unique flavor of the Auricchio Provolone Extra Sharp Provolone Cheese.

Aged Italian Provolones are so much more flavorful than standard issue provolone from the local grocery store, they really should be considered separate categories. The succulent, sharp and buttery flavor of this provolone will keep you wanting more. Auricchio Provolone is the preferred provolone throughout Italy and the rest of the world. Perfect for use melted on pizza's, sandwiches, alone as just a snack, grated on pasta, shaved on fresh carpaccio and in other numerous tasty variations.

If you are going to have some provolone cheese, you may as well have one of the world’s most famous Italian cheeses, Auricchio Provolone Extra Sharp Provolone Cheese. Be sure to also check out their other assortment of cheeses, which will surely satisfy any craving for cheese you may have.