Olli Salumeria, Made by Friends for Friends

March 14, 2014 2:29:49 AM EDT

Pitted Black Saracene Olives

Made by friends and shared by friends for years, Olli Salumeria has a wild range of artisinal slow cured salame for everyone to enjoy! Featured on Oprah’s list of her favorite things, you know that Olli Salumeria Salame is the real deal if. Oprah gave it her stamp of approval and now it’s time for you to give yours. Try one of their salames today as part of your own dinner menu or gift a package of them to your friend or coworker just in time for the holiday season!

So, what makes Olli Salumeria Salame amazing? It’s a simple equation: Good pork makes for great. Because the quality of the pork is crucial for the outcome of the salame, the team at Olli Salumeria goes to great lengths to obtain the best pigs available in the USA. The pigs are humanely raised and kept on an all-vegetarian diet, and the salame itself is slow-cured to ensure a flavorful cut. The artisinal salame that you see in front of you can be traced back to how the meat was hand-rubbed with carefully mixed spice blends, after which it was cooled in order to allow the salt and spices to penetrate into the meat. A lot of effort went into the salame that you see before you, so savor each and every bite!

Pasta Cheese has chosen seven delectable flavors of Olli Salumeria Salame to offer for your tasting pleasure: Wild Board Applewood Smoked Salame with Sangiovese Wine, Pepperoni Classically American with Wine and Paprika, Organic Hot Chorizo with Spicy Smoked Paprika, Organic Molisana Garlic and Pepper, Organic Norcino Mild Salame, Tartufo Truffle Salame with Sangiovese Wine and Calabrese Spicy Salame with Sangiovese Wine. Top chefs use Olli Salumeria for all of their Salame needs; when you have that testimony of great taste what else do you really need?

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Pitted Black Saracene Olives

March 14, 2014 1:45:25 AM EDT

Pitted Black Saracene Olives

My son loves to eat olives, but most of the time we try to avoid giving him pitted olives because he is still young. But for Pitted Black Saracene Olives we make an exception.

The Saracene olive grows only in the north of Sicily on the high hills of an area called Valdemone. The Saracene Olive is considered one of the most ancient cultivated olives. The plant is well adapted to the rough environment. The olives are the smallest produced and toughest to pick, so getting your hands on some is really a treat.

The Saracene trees are even interesting with huge gnarled trunks twisted into bizarre shapes, they are a beautiful part of the landscape in southeastern Sicily, and are reminiscent of an enchanted forest from a fairy tale. It’s easy to imagine trees dancing and whirling at night, only to be stopped in motion at the first light of dawn. They impart wisdom of time that says no matter what happens you can endure, you may be twisted with time and gnarled by fate, but this is all part of an interesting life and with hope and love it will bear fruit, and in this case great tasting Pitted Black Saracene Olives. Saracene olive trees even figure into contemporary Italian crime novels, too. One author’s detective character likes to sit under a Saracen olive tree when mulling over how to solve a particularly difficult case.

The taste of the Pitted Black Saracene Olives is a bit on the spicy side with some seasoning. These olives work best when paired with cheeses or even on their own as an appetizer. And for the adults out there, the spice of the olive adds a bit more flavor to a martini or any other drink you choose to have an olive with.

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Partanna Premium Select Whole Sicilian Black Olives

My kid loves to eat olives, I don’t know why, but I am not complaining. Apparently Sicilian Black Olives have fewer calories than other olives, and this is something that intrigues me, especially with the amount of olives that my kid eats.

The Sicilian olive is a type of olive which is used in the Sicilian cuisine and regional dishes of Italy. The Sicilian olives have a salty taste and a medium size and they are actually fruits, like all the olive species. The Sicilian olives are black and oval and contain fewer calories than the black oily ones.

Specifically, Partanna Premium Select Whole Sicilian Black Olives represent tradition and four generations of olive cultivation. Partanna is an old town in Italy located on a hill, and the olive growing takes place while nestled at the foot of that hill.

It is there in the heart of the Valle del Belice, which is known for its oil production, and exclusive cultivation around the Mediterranean basin, four generations of the family Asaro is committed with passion and dedication to create a natural product and dedicated to the high standards of quality that meets the needs of consumers, as evidenced by the numerous awards received for their products.

Table olive varieties are more difficult to harvest than olive oil, as workers must take care not to damage the fruit; baskets that hang around the worker's neck are used. In some places in Italy, Croatia and Greece, olives are harvested by hand because the terrain is too mountainous for machines. As a result, the fruit is not bruised, which leads to a superior finished product. The method also involves sawing off branches, which is healthy for future production.

Partanna Premium Select Whole Sicilian Black Olives make a great snack and are a great addition to salads or sandwiches. Of course, as with all olives, refrigerate after opening.

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Partanna Premium Select Whole Ligurian Black Taggiasca Olives

A true foodie knows that when it comes to fruit and vegetables, there are many varieties and types within one category. Tomatoes, for example, come in very different varieties that have are different in flavor, taste, coloring and size.  In the olive world this is no different. Though there are many varieties of olives, most of which are black and green, thhe Partanna Premium Select Whole Ligurian Black Taggiasca Olives is a standalone example of the many varieties of edibles mother mature has provided us.

Originating from Italy, Partanna Premium Select Whole Ligurian Black Taggiasca Olives is distinct at first glance because it is red in coloring. Unlike its black and green brothers and sisters, the Partanna Black Taggiasca Olive produces fragrant, sweet and fruity oil when used to make olive oil.

The Partanna Black Taggiasca Olive also comes with all the benefits of olives.  Rich in fiber, Partanna Premium Select Whole Ligurian Black Taggiasca Olives is great to promote digestion. Black olives are also known for promoting cardiovascular health. Rich in healthy monounsaturated fats, the olive provides great oil and frying alternative that helps maintain healthy sugar levels and helps you feel full. Though black olives are known to have high levels of sodium, because it is sweet and mild, Partanna Premium Select Whole Ligurian Black Taggiasca Olives may be a great alternative. Coupled with high levels of Vitamin E and Iron, Partanna Premium Select Whole Ligurian Black Taggiasca Olives is a proud superfood that should always be inside your refrigerator.

For four generations, the Asaro family has been one of the most commonly known names to produce the Partanna Black Taggiasca Olive for general comsumption. Born in 1916, at the foot of the hill on which stands the old town of Partanna,  Oleificio Asaro began a generation’s long commitment to provide customers with a natural, quality cultivated product from the heart of the Mediterranean. The Partanna Premium Select Whole Ligurian Black Taggiasca Olives just might be the next item on your shopping list.

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Partanna Premium Select Black Saracene Olives

March 13, 2014 4:07:11 PM EDT

Partanna Premium Select Pitted Black Saracene Olives

Tucked away in northern Sicily in the area of Valdemone There you can find carefully tended orchids full of sarcene olive trees from which come Partanna Premium Select Black Saracene Olives. Perhaps not as well-known as some other types of olives such as the kalamata olive, the sarcene olive is considered to be one of the oldest types of olives grown today. The trees are well adapted to survive despite the rough terrain. The olives themselves tend to be smaller than the average olive and can be on difficult side to pick however, all that hard work involved in harvesting these olives is worth it when you get a flavorful product like Partanna Premium Select Black Saracene Olives.

So why olives? Well I certainly can’t speak for everyone, but sometimes a person just needs a salty snack. And as salty snacks go, olives are better for you than a lot of other stuff that we tend to choose such as potato chips or pretzels. And there are a number of other health benefits to eating olives. Olives have been proven to be a good source of dietary fiber which helps in lowering both cholesterol and sugar in the blood, as well as playing a part in helping to both obtain and maintain a healthy weight. Olives are also a good source of iron – used in making the hemoglobin needed by red blood – and vitamin E – which has shown to act as both an antioxidant and an immune booster – as well as being a good source of monosaturated fats which unlike polysaturated fats, actually help to lower your level of bad cholesterol and the risk for both heart disease and stroke rather than raise it. Plus I find that eating olives actually encourages me to drink more water which is something my doctor recommends I do.

As olives go, I find that I like Partanna Premium Select Black Saracene Olives. For me, they pack quite a punch for their size which is often exactly what I’m looking for in an olive. Of course, everyone has different tastes so I can’t say for certain that this olive is for everyone.

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