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When it comes to cooking, the inner chef in you arises to any challenge you might endure. If it is cooking for a family of five or for many guests, you aim to please every time. Even when your making a simple dish for a quite evening at home, every little spice and herb makes all the difference. Here at PastaCheese.com we have a new and exciting flavorful spice for you to try. You may not believe us when we tell you what it is but trust us, your mouth will be watering and ready to take on the challenge right away.

Now that we have you wondering what the fuss is all about, we can introduce you to a specialty from across the world. Seasonello Sea Salt has finally arrived all the way from Sardegna, Italy. Seasonello Sea Salt has been known to help enhance your dishes by just adding very little to it. Seasonello Sea Salt provides your meats and fishes with a natural taste. Yet this sea salt from Sardegna is different from the rest. With an enriched amount of Iodine in every pre-packaged glass, every time you use it as an ingredient you will be adding an essential nutrient into your diet.

Seasonello provides a selection of Sardegnian sea salt for the interested chef. Whether it be Coarse Sea Salt with Iodine or Fine Sea Salt with Iodine, this healthy condiment can be used for any type of dish you may be serving. This is something you will definitely want to stow away in your cabinet. Additionally, Seasonello also has anBologna Aromatic Herbal Salt. This is Seasonello Sea Salt has the natural spices of rosemary, garlic, sage and black pepper all in one jar. You can add this to about anything, from poultry to veggies you add a pinch of this and you will never look back at your spice cabinet again.

Are you ready to challenge your taste buds with Seasonello Sea Salt from Sardegna?
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Authentic Italian Herbs from Gangi Dante

June 18, 2013 1:31:50 PM EDT

Gangi Dante Dried Herbs Italian Mix
Are you looking for something to spice up your bland cooking? Well look no further than Gangi Dante dried herbs, which are known for their superior taste, fragrance and quality. Their herbs are grown at the base of mountains in Sicily, in a protected national park. Not only do you get a great view, but the location is ideal for growing authentic and high quality herbs. The Gangi family use local workers to help keep tradition and authenticity alive in their herbs. They harvest their herbs by hand, ensuring that the essential oils are retained in the herbs, giving the herbs a wonderfully vivid color quite different from commercially manufactured herbs.

These herbs are especially flavorful when paired with Mediterranean cuisine, but are equally tasteful when added to any dish you are making. Gangi Dante dried herbs are distinguished by their aroma, fragrance, and taste. Their oregano is best used tossed on pizzas and into salads, mixed with sauces for meat and fish dishes, and also goes great with potatoes and vegetables in oil. Their rosemary is perfect to flavor meats, fish dishes and soups. But not only is it great for cooking, it also has therapeutic benefits as well. It helps your digestive system, making everything work smoothly the way it should.

A tip to remember about storing spices: While dried herbs do not go bad, they can generally keep their aroma and fragrance for up to two years if stored correctly, which is in a dry place and airtight to prevent the freshness from escaping. So the next time you are shopping for spices I highly recommend you check out our selection of Gangi Dante dried herbs for the authentic, and high quality herbs your meals deserve.

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