>Capezzana Conte Contini Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Harvest 2012

Now you have the opportunity to get the freshest batch of Capezzana Conte Contini Bonacossi Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Harvest 2012 imported from Italy newly pressed in October of 2012. An important issue often not realized by consumers is that the freshness of the olive oil makes a big difference. A very fresh oil, as available in an oil producing region, tastes noticeably different from the older oils available elsewhere. In time, oils deteriorate and become stale. One-year old oil may be still pleasant to the taste, but it is surely less fragrant than fresh oil.

On the hills above the vineyards of Carmignano is a classic medieval estate that has produced olive oil for centuries. At Capezzana, olives are harvested at the perfect stage of ripeness, and are immediately crushed in a modern stone mill within 24 hours of harvest. The mill is technically innovative in that it draws the oil out of the olives by using a soft centrifugation that avoids a second centrifugation. This improved processing is that contributes to give an oil rich in aromas and flavors typical of the area of Carmignano. It is this improved processing that also produces an oil remarkably low in oleic acid, which serves to enhance the flavor and transparency. In a large stainless steel drum the oil is gently separated from water and solids using low temperatures and speeds producing the exclusive extra virgin Contini Bonacossi Olive Oil that they are so famous for.

Most people use olive oil in their cooking, but many cultures, dating back to ancient Greece, also use olive oil as a home remedy for skin care. The Japanese in particular uses a lot of olive oil due to their belief that both the ingestion and topical application of olive oil is good for the skin and overall health. Capezzana Conte Contini Bonacossi Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Harvest 2012 is perfect for enhancing the flavor of any dish you choose, but is especially ideal for dressing fresh vegetables or to use when tossing a pasta dish.