Frantoia Barbera Extra Virgin Olive Oil
With so many choices to choose from while walking down the olive oil aisle it is easy to get overwhelmed. Well, I am here to make your shopping choices a bit easier. For an award winning olive oil you have to go with Frantoia Barbera Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Frantoia Barbera has made a special name for itself, making it the ambassador of Sicilian olive oil throughout the world. Frantoia Barbera Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cultivated from a number of small towns in the central and western regions of Sicily, Italy. This olive oil is extra special since it is only harvested one month out of the year. After they are hand picked, the olives are sent to the press within 12 hours of the harvest. This great care results in a product with an intense and unforgettable aroma with a fragrant taste. The family harvesting these olives has been doing so since the end of the 19th century, but has modernized with the times while still keeping their years of tradition alive. The olives are pressed gently and the oil is cold extracted with the use of centrifugation.

When you open up Frantoia Barbera Extra Virgin Olive Oil you're also getting a front row seat at taste bud heaven. The delicate and fruity flavour is reminiscent of fresh olives and ends with a pleasant aftertaste of sweet almonds greet you every time you use Frantoia Barbera Extra Virgin Olive Oil on top of your favorite salad as a light dressing or as part of a marinade on top of your tilapia.

To best savor the taste of Frantoia Barbera Extra Virgin Olive Oil, drizzle it unheated over any type of fish dish, on top of fresh cheeses, vegetables, salads and breads. And it comes in a cool tin can to boot.

Whatever you choose to cook and however you choose to use your Barbera Frantoia Olive Oil you'll be pleased each and every time with the resulting taste, a taste that can only be attributed to Italy's finest. Choose your olive oil wisely; choose Frantoia Barbera .