Planeta Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As all you food connoisseurs know, the perfect olive oil can take a good dish and make it fantastic. Next time you are using olive oil to cook with, the one to use is Planeta olive oil.

Made from Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla and Cerasuola olive varieties, this extra virgin olive oil is D.O.P. Val di Mazara. D.O.P. is an indication of quality attributed to an agricultural or food product, whose particular characteristics depend exclusively on the area in which it is produced. Very few products in Italy are qualified as D.O.P., and only 2% of the production in the olive oil sector in Italy attains this high standard, meaning that when you open up a bottle of Planeta olive oil, you're opening up some of Italy's finest.

When you open up this olive oil, you are getting a front row seat at taste bud heaven. A smooth texture and the fresh flavors of green tomatoes, artichokes and lemons greet you every time you use Planeta olive oil on top of your favorite salad as a light dressing or as part of a marinade on top of your tilapia.

If you've just bought your very own bottle of Planeta olive oil and need some tips on incorporating it into your weekly menu, here's some inspiration: Draw from a Sicilian themed menu and create aubergines with tomatoes and cheese, surprise guests with an octopus salad, or comfort them with stuffed green peppers; Allow the olive oil itself to guide your chef tendencies and whip together a pasta that highlights this new oil, roast sheep's cheese in orange leaves, or grill Sciacca prawns; Pull together a chickpea and crunchy baby octopus soup, olive oil and tomato and vanilla jam ice cream or baccalà with a cauliflower and almond purée and onion jam. Whatever you choose to cook and however you choose to use your Planeta olive oil you'll be pleased each and every time with the resulting taste, a taste that can only be attributed to Italy's finest.

Choose your olive oil wisely; choose Planeta.