Having good food can make or break a party, but it can be hard to please every guest. One food that almost everyone can agree on is cheese. With so many varieties available, there's sure to be something for everyone. Choose the right foods to pair with it and you're well on your way to party success.


Soft cheeses are spreadable and will complement many different foods. One popular option is Livarot. It has a salty, nutty taste that goes great with apples or walnuts and can make a pretty spread when paired with these. Brie is also a crowd pleaser and can be paired with sweet pickles or baguettes. It is mild, creamy and slightly sour.


Hard and semi-hard cheeses have been aged for one month to four years. They are great for cooking and melting. Parmesan is readily available and its piquant, salty flavor pairs well with arugula or prosciutto. Emmental, more commonly known as Swiss cheese, is also easy to find. It has a fruity, nutty flavor that goes well with ham and apples.


Cheddar cheeses are universally liked, so they can be great at any party. Sharp cheddar has a smooth flavor that can complement sweet foods like desserts. Try it alongside apple pie. Sharp cheddar comes in white or yellow so you can pick whichever will look best with your spread. Cloth-wrapped cheddar is more buttery and earthy and goes great with walnuts.


Blue cheeses have a lovely blue tint and some feature a blue vein. Gorgonzola comes from Italy and has a buttery, moist texture. It goes well with radicchio and black olives. Another popular blue cheese is Stilton. It is firm and tangy and goes well with walnuts and figs.


Featuring goat cheeses can be a fun way to offer something different and delicious. Fresh goat cheese is tart like yogurt and is often coated with herbs, ash or peppercorns. It tastes great with watercress or olives. Aged goat cheese, called Chevre, is rounder and less tart. It goes well on crackers, particularly those made from oats or whole wheat.


Choosing two or three options of cheese paired with different foods will ensure that everyone at your party will find something they like. This will help to make you a popular host and your party a success.