Don Pomodoro All Natural Amatriciana Sauce

One of the easiest ingredients to keep stocked in your kitchen is a jar of red tomato sauce. An unopened jar or tomato sauce can last for months in your pantry and it will be ready for when you need it. It is also an inexpensive ingredient at that.

Tomato sauce, like Don Pomodoro All Natural Amatriciana Sauce, is  great for cooking hearty dishes like slow-cooked lasagna or eggplant parmesan.  I like to recommend Don Pomodoro’s All-Natural Amatriciana Sauce, because it is minimally processed with a base of tomato sauce, olive oil and pork, is a simple red sauce to pair with your favorite pasta or add to a dish.

Because Don Pomodoro All Natural Amatriciana Sauce is made with simple, fresh ingredients, it can serve a base for some fantastic, simple dishes to satisfy everyone. It doesn’t have to be for Italian food either. I like to use to season meats, like beef for stew or tough cuts of steak that take t o marinating really well.  I also love using Don Pomodoro All Natural Amatriciana Sauce for chimichangas.  Add diced veggies and you have a great salsa for dipping. It also serves as a great base for chili and Spanish rice.

Yes, it is also an incredible pasta sauce. Traditionally served with bucatini pasta, it is a sauce best paired up with thick cuts of pasta that go great with a thick sauce. Although sometimes I enjoy making tomato sauce from scratch, Don Pomodoro All Natural Amatriciana Sauce is the closest to fresh that you will get at a fraction of the labor and price. You can even add a dollop to thicken jambalaya or a bean dish to add flavor and complexity. It is really one of those staple ingredients that can stand up on its own or add a special twist to another dish.