Marian Arytza Salsa Criolla Traditional Argentine Seasoning

Salsa criolla, or loosely translated, native Latin American sauce, is one of the many examples of foods that are both staples and varied by region. Salsa criolla can vary from each household to each region in central and South America, but that doesn’t mean any version is either right or wrong. The base ingredients are usually still the same: with parsley, oregano, garlic and onion. There are so many ways to make salsa criolla that are either traditional, authentic or creative and still maintain that unique Spanish flavor that everyone can recognize.

Marian Arytza Salsa Criolla Traditional Argentine Seasoning is made in Argentina, and is the closest you will get to authentic without traveling south of the border. It is made without additives or preservatives, and for good reason: this sauce doesn’t need any additives. Its ingredients work so well together that it can stand to be stored in your pantry until you are ready to use it.

There are two main reasons that salsa criolla is different from chimichurri sauce. Salsa criolla is milder and is made with tomatoes, and chimichurri sauce is often spicy with a parsley base. You can use this sauce to season anything you like, from meats to stews, beans, and soups. Because it is part of my culture and something that is a staple in my home, I really have no examples of where you can’t use salsa criolla. You use it as a base for rice as well. Marian Arytza Salsa Criolla Traditional Argentine Seasoning is a really great starting point for you to get that authentic taste that is also high quality, and will allow you to develop your own taste and adjust it to your own palate. Use it alone or add your own spices to make it more personal. And If you like heat, then go ahead. There really is no fast and hard. Just as long as it tastes good, it works.