Masseria Mirogallo Sugo di Pomodoro
Tomato sauce is a staple of cooking, and to get the most flavorful sauce, you really should go with Masseria Mirogallo Tomato Sauce

The makers of the sauce, the Belfiore family, have been farming since the 1800’s, so they know what they are doing. Their farm, the Azienda Mirogallo, is on 70 acres of land in Lucania, which is in the southern portion of Basilicata. Agriculture has long played a major role in this region despite its rugged mountainous terrain, scarce water supply and dry weather. The Belfiore family, father, mother, and three sons, tend not only to the pepper plants but grow fruits, almonds and vegetables to take to the local market. Their special crop is a regional heirloom variety of thin-skinned pepper.

Tomato sauce has always been an indispensable element of Mediterranean cuisine. Made only with fresh tomatoes grown on their local farm, they are tenderly cared for, so as to obtain a full-bodied and aromatic flavor. This artisanal product is obtained from working with freshly picked vegetables and produced without added colorants or preservatives.

Their specialties include a tomato sauce with chili peppers and a tomato sauce with sweet peppers. Just warm the sauce in a saucepan over moderate heat until hot and you are good to go. Use when making pizzas, toss with your favorite pasta, or with any other food you would like to add tomato sauce to. Whatever you choose to cook and however you choose to use your Mirogallo Tomato Sauce, you’ll be pleased each and every time with the resulting taste, a taste that can only be attributed to Italy’s finest.

So the next time you are walking down the sauce aisle, you should make a point of checking out our line of Masseria Mirogallo products!