Congedi Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Handmade Cruets

To feel more connected to your cooking, and the integrity of the ingredients, a great way to start is by investing in food items that come in their traditional and customary containers. This congedi extra virgin olive oil comes in a handmade ceramic cruet that is both visually stunning and quality made.

In many cultures the containers, pots and pans used to made fresh food are just as important as the food itself. Mexican cooking is saturated with functional tools for cooking that are just as important and integral to the meal as the food itself. The Mexican pestle is a great example. In fact, certain cultures can be identified and named solely by the pottery they use and how it is made.

Olive oil is no stranger to tradition, and this handmade ceramic cruet follows in that tradition. Filled with the finest oil, produced in strict compliance with the ancient methods of olive oil extraction passed down through centuries, you know you are investing in nothing but the best.

Just like fine wines, any olive oil connoisseurs will have certain oils set aside as favorites or for special events. This might be the oil for you, but the truth is I find it rather difficult not integrating a favorite oil in my meals throughout the day. I use a pinch to top of an onion bagel with salmon and a bit of cream cheese. For lunch, nothing hits the spot than a sliced baguette dipped in olive oil and spices with a side of hummus and cheese. And for a simple dinner, simply season your favorite cut of steak in olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a side salad. Take minutes, and it’s delicious.

This handmade ceramic cruet may be what inspires you to elevate your cooking, or it might remind you that the best foods come from the most traditional and simplest creations.

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Condorelli Italian Holiday Cakes and Treats

March 14, 2014 4:59:38 AM EDT

Condorelli Italian Holiday Cakes and Treats

When it comes to trying out news foods, it is my honest suggestion that you take advantage any opportunity that comes your way to sample new flavors. Candy is a great way to start. Every culture and region has traditional candies are pastries that you can sample without breaking the bank or going too wild. You can’t go wrong. Who doesn’t love traditional pastries? And it’s an opportunity to learn from another culture.

Pasta Cheese offers an assortment of traditional Condorelli Italian Holiday Cakes and Treats that are hard to find outside of Italy. If left to my own devices, my diet would consist of little more than marzipan fruit and chocolate covered orange peels. These Condorelli Italian Holiday Cakes and Treats are the best you could find without a passport, and they’re made with the finest ingredients and follow the strictest traditional recipes. And that is key here: there is nothing worse than trying something for the first time only to have a negative experience. That happened to me with my first cannoli. It was store bought and had been sitting under lights for hours. By the time I had it, it was soggy and stale. I didn’t have a real cannoli until I visited Little Italy in the Bronx, and I was reformed. These candies are made with the same quality in mind.

For Valentine’s Day, gift that special someone with a box of Torroncini nougats. It’s a twist on the ordinary box of chocolates and definitely much more special than something you would buy at the same place you pick up couch syrup. For a twist on the traditional chocolate and nut bar, try the Condorelli soft nougat bars with pistachios. You will never eat chocolate out of the vending machine again.

Trying out quality-made sweets is the simplest way to explore new flavors from different cultures. There is no pressure because candies are supposed to invoke pleasant feelings. Once you’ve got the candy down, you can work your way up to breakfasts from around the world, to dinner specialties. You will be eating rare delicacies in no time.

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Marabissi All Natural Holiday Panforte Fruit Cake

A name you can trust, Caviar & Caviar has over 65 years of professional expertise in the art of selecting and supplying unparalleled quality Caviar & Gourmet foods world wide. Our goal is perfection, and we strive to provide Caviar without equal. Our private stock contains only the most cherished and highly sought after reserve caviar. Each caviar set offered at Pasta Cheese is selected to be the finest in terms of texture, firmness, taste, and aroma so that when you taste it, you feel like a royal and your taste buds will be in for a treat.

When you buy caviar from Caviar & Caviar you can rest assured that you’re buying from the most prestigious brand out there. Caviar & Caviar stays up to date on caviar production and updates their stock so that they only offer the freshest strains of caviar to be delivered straight to your door; if it’s out of production then Caviar & Caviar would never offer it. Caviar is a delicacy, and when you treat yourself to it you should do it the right way. Caviar & Caviar caters to its clientele and wants to give you the best caviar experience.

Pasta Cheese offers a variety of gift sets from Caviar & Caviar so that you can gift some of the delicacy to your loved ones or coworkers, or simply gift to yourself as a mid-week pick me up. Caviar & Caviar also has eight or four ounce servings and a convenient one ounce serving option to wet your taste buds and initiate you into the world of caviar if this is your first venture into it. Once you taste caviar from the Caviar & Caviar you’ll never want to taste caviar from a different source! It’s time to sophisticate your taste buds; it’s time to taste some caviar!

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Marabissi All Natural Holiday Panforte Fruit Cake

When you’re looking for a delectable treat that can’t be bought at your local grocer around the block you know it’s time to turn to Pasta Cheese and the wide selection of food products that they offer. From Pasta Cheese to your door, all it takes is for you to decide on how many purchases you’re going to limit yourself to… or if today is the day you splurge on your taste buds.

Marabissi All Natural Holiday Panforte Fruit Cake should be in your shopping cart at Pasta Cheese. Marabissi is made from all natural healthy ingredients that combine together with the indulgence of cocoa to create a sensational journey each time you take a bite. Marabissi All Natural Holiday Panforte Fruit Cake comes in different ounce sizes as well as flavors: do you prefer the almond, chocolate and candied fruit cake or the dates and almonds panforte? Or how about that each Marabissi All Natural Holiday Panforte Fruit Cakeis made of candied fruit that includes the likes of melon peels and orange peels and is just as equally made up of almonds, the nut that is the source of healthy and good for you fats. Each fruit cake also includes a sprinkling of just the right amount of spices to give each piece the right amount of kick that will wake you up and make you appreciate what you’re eating.

If you’re running behind on your holiday shopping, it’s not too late to choose to gift a Marabissi All Natural Holiday Panforte Fruit Cake to a family member or coworker, or to whomever is still left on your list. Receiving a Marabissi All Natural Holiday Panforte Fruit Cake as a present is something that anyone can appreciate. I mean, you’re telling me that I get a present and that I can eat it? What more can you ask for on the Holidays! Try a Marabissi All Natural Holiday Panforte Fruit Cake today and make sure that Marabissi becomes a regular part of your holidays from now on. 

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Quacquarini Soft Torrone Covered with Chocolate

March 14, 2014 4:32:01 AM EDT

Quacquarini Soft Torrone Covered with Chocolate

Out of classic holiday fare like cheesecake and eggnog, almond torrone is one of those treats that instantly remind me of the holidays. That is because almond torrone is an integral part of my holiday traditions the way fruit cake and turkey may be part of yours.

If you want to add this treat to your holiday fare this season, Pasta Cheese offers a high-end twist of the torrone candy. The Quacquarini soft torrone with pistachio offers a twist of this classic candy. Covered with milk chocolate and made with pistachio nuts instead of almonds, this is a very special way to introduce your friends to this classic taste with a twist. Your friends who are already familiar with torrone with be pleasantly surprised for the opportunity to enjoy this candy a whole different way.

Quacquarini also offers another version of soft torrone made with coffee and chocolate. Another twist on this classic candy, the coffee in this quacquarini soft torrone adds a kick of flavor to this familiar taste.
Torrone has been around for so long that it can be spelled different ways, either, turron, torrao, turon, or can be referred to a nougat. It is a very recognizable dessert all around Latin America and the Philippines and can be traced all the way back to the 16th century. I know of recipes for alcohol that include torrone. The sweetness of this candy can help mellow even they highest proof of alcohol.  

But be warned, this candy should not be enjoyed lightly. My suggestion is, for the first try, break open a batch of Quacquarini Soft Torrone Covered with Chocolate and your favorite fruity wine, and consider the many ways you can add this candy to your holiday table for your friends and family to enjoy in new and exciting ways.

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