Fiasconaro Nativity Scene Traditional Holiday Panettone

When you’re planning a holiday meal (and ‘tis the season to be doing so), the list of things to get done is probably extremely daunting. You need to take care of planning/shopping/cooking the food, as well as arranging decorations and the centerpieces for the meal. Let’s be honest: once you sent out those invitations you practically arranged your death sentence! With the help of the Fiasconaro Nativity Scene Traditional Holiday Panettone from PastaCheese though, your hostess duties don’t have to become synonymous with that aforementioned death sentence. Listen up:

The Fiasconaro Nativity Scene Traditional Holiday Panettone is a traditional cake with fresh candied orange and raisins, flavored with Marsala and Zibibbo that comes with white chocolate nativity statues taking center stage in the middle of it. This is your centerpiece and decadent dessert in one delicious cake from Pasta Cheese! Your guests will be wowed by both the taste of this Fiasconaro Nativity Scene Traditional Holiday Panettone as well as its ability to simultaneously serve as eye candy. When you have this cake on the table your role as the best hostess is pretty much guaranteed.

The Fiasconaros are pioneers in artisan confectionary so buying this Nativity Scene Cake allows you to taste a sample of their genius, and what better time to treat yourself than during the holiday season? Even if you’re not playing hostess this year the Fiasconaro Nativity Scene Traditional Holiday Panettone should still be on your shopping list. It makes a perfect gift to bring to whoever you’re eating by, bringing both holiday spirit and holiday taste to your hostess’ table. If you were looking for a way to score an invite back for next year well then this is it! Make sure to head over to Pasta Cheese as soon as possible because this delicacy is sure to fly off of the shelves in no time.

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Olli Salumeria, Made by Friends for Friends

March 14, 2014 2:29:49 AM EDT

Pitted Black Saracene Olives

Made by friends and shared by friends for years, Olli Salumeria has a wild range of artisinal slow cured salame for everyone to enjoy! Featured on Oprah’s list of her favorite things, you know that Olli Salumeria Salame is the real deal if. Oprah gave it her stamp of approval and now it’s time for you to give yours. Try one of their salames today as part of your own dinner menu or gift a package of them to your friend or coworker just in time for the holiday season!

So, what makes Olli Salumeria Salame amazing? It’s a simple equation: Good pork makes for great. Because the quality of the pork is crucial for the outcome of the salame, the team at Olli Salumeria goes to great lengths to obtain the best pigs available in the USA. The pigs are humanely raised and kept on an all-vegetarian diet, and the salame itself is slow-cured to ensure a flavorful cut. The artisinal salame that you see in front of you can be traced back to how the meat was hand-rubbed with carefully mixed spice blends, after which it was cooled in order to allow the salt and spices to penetrate into the meat. A lot of effort went into the salame that you see before you, so savor each and every bite!

Pasta Cheese has chosen seven delectable flavors of Olli Salumeria Salame to offer for your tasting pleasure: Wild Board Applewood Smoked Salame with Sangiovese Wine, Pepperoni Classically American with Wine and Paprika, Organic Hot Chorizo with Spicy Smoked Paprika, Organic Molisana Garlic and Pepper, Organic Norcino Mild Salame, Tartufo Truffle Salame with Sangiovese Wine and Calabrese Spicy Salame with Sangiovese Wine. Top chefs use Olli Salumeria for all of their Salame needs; when you have that testimony of great taste what else do you really need?

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Pitted Black Saracene Olives

March 14, 2014 1:45:25 AM EDT

Pitted Black Saracene Olives

My son loves to eat olives, but most of the time we try to avoid giving him pitted olives because he is still young. But for Pitted Black Saracene Olives we make an exception.

The Saracene olive grows only in the north of Sicily on the high hills of an area called Valdemone. The Saracene Olive is considered one of the most ancient cultivated olives. The plant is well adapted to the rough environment. The olives are the smallest produced and toughest to pick, so getting your hands on some is really a treat.

The Saracene trees are even interesting with huge gnarled trunks twisted into bizarre shapes, they are a beautiful part of the landscape in southeastern Sicily, and are reminiscent of an enchanted forest from a fairy tale. It’s easy to imagine trees dancing and whirling at night, only to be stopped in motion at the first light of dawn. They impart wisdom of time that says no matter what happens you can endure, you may be twisted with time and gnarled by fate, but this is all part of an interesting life and with hope and love it will bear fruit, and in this case great tasting Pitted Black Saracene Olives. Saracene olive trees even figure into contemporary Italian crime novels, too. One author’s detective character likes to sit under a Saracen olive tree when mulling over how to solve a particularly difficult case.

The taste of the Pitted Black Saracene Olives is a bit on the spicy side with some seasoning. These olives work best when paired with cheeses or even on their own as an appetizer. And for the adults out there, the spice of the olive adds a bit more flavor to a martini or any other drink you choose to have an olive with.

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Marian Arytza Salsa Criolla Traditional Argentine Seasoning

Salsa criolla, or loosely translated, native Latin American sauce, is one of the many examples of foods that are both staples and varied by region. Salsa criolla can vary from each household to each region in central and South America, but that doesn’t mean any version is either right or wrong. The base ingredients are usually still the same: with parsley, oregano, garlic and onion. There are so many ways to make salsa criolla that are either traditional, authentic or creative and still maintain that unique Spanish flavor that everyone can recognize.

Marian Arytza Salsa Criolla Traditional Argentine Seasoning is made in Argentina, and is the closest you will get to authentic without traveling south of the border. It is made without additives or preservatives, and for good reason: this sauce doesn’t need any additives. Its ingredients work so well together that it can stand to be stored in your pantry until you are ready to use it.

There are two main reasons that salsa criolla is different from chimichurri sauce. Salsa criolla is milder and is made with tomatoes, and chimichurri sauce is often spicy with a parsley base. You can use this sauce to season anything you like, from meats to stews, beans, and soups. Because it is part of my culture and something that is a staple in my home, I really have no examples of where you can’t use salsa criolla. You use it as a base for rice as well. Marian Arytza Salsa Criolla Traditional Argentine Seasoning is a really great starting point for you to get that authentic taste that is also high quality, and will allow you to develop your own taste and adjust it to your own palate. Use it alone or add your own spices to make it more personal. And If you like heat, then go ahead. There really is no fast and hard. Just as long as it tastes good, it works.

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Marian Arytza Hot Chimichurri Traditional Argentine Seasoning

If you are a fan of sauces and incorporating different flavors into your dishes, chimichurri sauce should definitely be on your list. Chimichurri sauce, pronounced a little like chee-me-shoe-ree, is a Latin American sauce most often used to compliment dishes made with red meats or steak.

Each region has different variations of chimichurri sauce but the most regularly used ingredients are usually the same, usually containing a base of cilantro, parsley, oregano and garlic. This Marian Arytza Hot Chimichurri Traditional Argentine Seasoning sauce is a really great taste of Argentinean chimichurri sauce without having to travel south of the border. It is bold and spicy and full of flavor, and can be used as a standalone sauce, or to flavor or compliment a dish.

One of my favorite ways to use Marian Arytza Hot Chimichurri Traditional Argentine Seasoning is for steak tacos. It can be used to season the steak during cooking, or to compliment the steak when serving. You can make a simple, delicious meal with chicken, taco wraps and this sauce. Top it off with a little bit of lime to enhance the flavor.

Marian Arytza Hot Chimichurri Traditional Argentine Seasoning is also great for seasoning. It’s fool proof. You don’t have to add anything else to enhance the flavor of your meats, but it’s also okay if you want to. It is also great to use for slow-cooked meals. Use it to enhance a Spanish-flavored beef stew.  Add it to your chili for a different twist on something familiar. But be warned: the label does not say hot in jest. Spanish foods and seasonings are no strangers to spice and heat, so test this sauce and decide for yourself how much heat you like. Once you get comfortable, you might even find yourself adding some heat as well.  It might even become a staple in your everyday cooking.

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