Pitted Black Saracene Olives

My son loves to eat olives, but most of the time we try to avoid giving him pitted olives because he is still young. But for Pitted Black Saracene Olives we make an exception.

The Saracene olive grows only in the north of Sicily on the high hills of an area called Valdemone. The Saracene Olive is considered one of the most ancient cultivated olives. The plant is well adapted to the rough environment. The olives are the smallest produced and toughest to pick, so getting your hands on some is really a treat.

The Saracene trees are even interesting with huge gnarled trunks twisted into bizarre shapes, they are a beautiful part of the landscape in southeastern Sicily, and are reminiscent of an enchanted forest from a fairy tale. It’s easy to imagine trees dancing and whirling at night, only to be stopped in motion at the first light of dawn. They impart wisdom of time that says no matter what happens you can endure, you may be twisted with time and gnarled by fate, but this is all part of an interesting life and with hope and love it will bear fruit, and in this case great tasting Pitted Black Saracene Olives. Saracene olive trees even figure into contemporary Italian crime novels, too. One author’s detective character likes to sit under a Saracen olive tree when mulling over how to solve a particularly difficult case.

The taste of the Pitted Black Saracene Olives is a bit on the spicy side with some seasoning. These olives work best when paired with cheeses or even on their own as an appetizer. And for the adults out there, the spice of the olive adds a bit more flavor to a martini or any other drink you choose to have an olive with.