Quacquarini Soft Torrone Covered with Chocolate

Out of classic holiday fare like cheesecake and eggnog, almond torrone is one of those treats that instantly remind me of the holidays. That is because almond torrone is an integral part of my holiday traditions the way fruit cake and turkey may be part of yours.

If you want to add this treat to your holiday fare this season, Pasta Cheese offers a high-end twist of the torrone candy. The Quacquarini soft torrone with pistachio offers a twist of this classic candy. Covered with milk chocolate and made with pistachio nuts instead of almonds, this is a very special way to introduce your friends to this classic taste with a twist. Your friends who are already familiar with torrone with be pleasantly surprised for the opportunity to enjoy this candy a whole different way.

Quacquarini also offers another version of soft torrone made with coffee and chocolate. Another twist on this classic candy, the coffee in this quacquarini soft torrone adds a kick of flavor to this familiar taste.
Torrone has been around for so long that it can be spelled different ways, either, turron, torrao, turon, or can be referred to a nougat. It is a very recognizable dessert all around Latin America and the Philippines and can be traced all the way back to the 16th century. I know of recipes for alcohol that include torrone. The sweetness of this candy can help mellow even they highest proof of alcohol.  

But be warned, this candy should not be enjoyed lightly. My suggestion is, for the first try, break open a batch of Quacquarini Soft Torrone Covered with Chocolate and your favorite fruity wine, and consider the many ways you can add this candy to your holiday table for your friends and family to enjoy in new and exciting ways.