Yields: 4manicotti



Straccetti 200 g of wheat germ

Hot Pepper Straccetti 50 g

2 small shallots

2 table spoons extra virgin olive oil

30 g of butter

200 g of fresh prawns

150 ml white wine or prosecco

100 ml broth shellfish

1 tablespoon chopped thyme and chives
Salt and pepper according to your taste.



1.   Shell the prawns and set aside, with carapaces (shells) and 250 ml of water to make the broth.

2.   Chop the shallots and put to cook slowly with oil, sprinkle with 100 ml of sparkling wine and let evaporate. Melt the butter and quickly bake the prawns and add the remaining prosecco. Once evaporated, prosecco, combine them with the shallots, thyme and chopped chives, salt and pepper and then add 100 ml of broth restricted; at this point put the straccetti 7 minutes in plenty salted water, then toss them approximately 2'-3' at high heat and serve immediately.

3.   Eventually decorate with the tails of the prawns and parsley.