Villa Manodori Artigianale Aged Barolo Wine Vinegar D.O.C.G.

Sometimes, without even knowing it, you have all the ingredients to make fresh foods from your own home. Because I am a big fan of spices, different types of vinegars and oils, one of my favorite things to make from scratch is salad dressing. This Villa Manodori Artigianale Aged Barolo Wine Vinegar D.O.C.G. is a great ingredient for those fresh salad dressings that you have to make today.

What’s great about this vinegar is that it adds a fresh twist on something old. Created by Chef Patron Massimo Bottura, this aged wine vinegar is made with quality and flavor in mind, it is fragrant and light, and speaks to fresh Italian cooking that reminds you of the outdoors and the sea. It brings a different taste to the table. Even though you may be a pro at making salad dressing from scratch, just adding this aged wine vinegar instead of your usual, store bought vinegar, will invigorate and freshen even the most common of recipes.

This aged wine vinegar is special for so many reasons. It’s neither white nor red, but a lovely red-orange color that will make your salad dressing look and taste really special. But it’s not just for salad dressing. Aged wine vinegar is great for stews and sauces. Any time you’d like to add a little acid and complexity to a dish, Just add a dash of this vinegar and it will compliment the taste nicely.

Shrimp goes great with this aged wine vinegar. Just add a little thyme and pepper and you’ve got a tasty twist on something new. Add some orange or lemon slices to play up the color. Because it is on the higher end on price points, I wouldn’t keep it just to myself. It’s really great for entertaining and making dishes that are made to be seen and explored.

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>Cavalli Traditional Balsamic Vinegar di Reggio Emilia
Balsamic Vinegar has become all the rage in America, thanks to creative chefs at upscale restaurants. It is difficult to believe that this robust product of the vine has only come to be appreciated within the last two decades in America, when Italians have been enjoying it for centuries. If you are going to try your hand at cooking with balsamic vinegar, you should go to the source and purchase Cavalli Traditional Balsamic Vinegar di Reggio Emilia.

Cavalli Traditional Balsamic Vinegar di Reggio Emilia is the product of an artisans labor and skill. With a long history of winemaking, the natural evolution was to start the vinegar crafting from the essence of the wine. The musts are taken from only local grapes. In the rustic attic and in special dedicated rooms of our facility rows and rows of newly-started or well-established batterie (vinegar barrels of different sizes tended as a unit) host the precious vinegar.

Cavalli follows a method handed down for years and specific to balsamic vinegar. The fermented product is gradually added in the wooden barrels where a constant and slow acidification takes place over roughly 5-6 months. The product is then moved and left for a long time to refine and age in barrel of different sizes and woods. By law, this vinegar must be aged in wood casks of oak, cherry, mulberry, chestnut and juniper allowing optimal ageing and refinement for the most prestigious Cavalli Traditional Balsamic Vinegar di Reggio Emilia.

The rich, slightly sweet flavor of balsamic vinegar readily lends itself to vinaigrette dressings, gourmet sauces, and brings out the sweetness of fresh fruits. It can also be used to arouse and exalt hot or cold dishes, from meat to raw fish or vegetables, from cheeses to pasta dishes, from omelet's to ice creams. It reinvigorates sauces and gravies, or with a few drops left to evaporate at the end of cooking, it transforms the aroma and quality of meats, from chicken to duck, from lamb to balsamic beef fillet.

It's no coincidence that the most important chefs in the best restaurants make creative use of Cavalli Traditional Balsamic Vinegar di Reggio Emilia.
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Moliterno Italian Cheese Aged 6 months with Truffles

Are you a foodie like me, always looking for something different to tantalize your taste buds? Well look no further than a wedge of Moliterno Italian Cheese Aged 6 months with Truffles.

What’s so special about this cheese you ask? Well for one, the cheese gets its name from the town where it originates, in the Basilicata region of Italy. This cheese is also special because it is a sheep cheese made by blending a small percentage of goat’s milk into it as well. The cheese goes through a tender and loving process where it is formed in a basket over 24 hours and then left to age. But it is not ignored during the aging process; instead the cheese is constantly rubbed with olive oil to help it retain its moisture, adding a little tender loving care to the process. There are three classifications of this cheese that are based on its maturity. It can be “primitive,” which means it was aged between 2 and 6 months, “mature,” if it was aged at least 6 months, and “extra,” to denote a cheese aged at least 1 full year.

But what is really special about this Moliterno Italian cheese is the delicious truffles that are studded throughout the cheese. What a treat to have truffles in your cheese, giving it that something extra special and extra bit of unique taste. Unlike most cheeses that contain truffles, in the Moliterno Italian Cheese, the truffles are not added until the cheese is well aged. This ensures that even if the chunk of cheese you get does not have a truffle in it, the flavor is infused throughout.

The flavor is rich and salty with a strong bite and crumbles with a rich golden color. Pair this Moliterno Italian Cheese Aged 6 months with Truffles with a nice fruity red wine for a perfect combination to enjoy anytime.

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CasArrigoni Cheese- Great Cheese for Decades

May 1, 2013 12:38:17 PM EDT

For all cheese lovers out there, there is a new ‘block’ in town. Whether you like it plain or in a dairy dish, cheese is a part of the wide range of dairy delicacies and can be added to any of your favorites. Now you can enhance your taste buds with a unique twist with CasArrigoni Cheese.


An all time favorite is to invite my friends over for a night of wine and cheese tasting. Now I can finally do it the right way with this eclectic range of choices from CasArrigoni Cheese. This cheese is unlike any other. Due to its aging process taken place in the highest of mountains in the country of Italy, this cheese is only the finest of them all. This imported delicacy can now be added to all of your dinner/wine tasting parties. The hardest part might be choosing which type of CasArrigoni Cheese you will enjoy the most!


Let your palate run wild with these different types of CasArrigoni Cheese. If you are interested in a cheese that gives you a soft texture and a divine dairy taste while having a nice surprise of apricot and almond, the CasArrigoni Rosso Imperiale Blue Cheese with Grape Pomace is the choice you would want to make. This bold blend of dairy cheese, nuts and fruits coming together in just one bite, allows you to enjoy all the different flavors of the world. Similarly, the CasArrigoni Belzeblu Gorgonzola Il Dolce Piccante spices up your palate with a distinctive taste of chili pepper. While the CasArrigoni Roccolo Cave Aged Cheese was aged in the depths of a cave, this earthy taste and appearance will go great with all types of red wines. In addition to this, the CasArrigoni Nero Imperiale Roccolo Balsamico Cheese also has this earthy aged feel to it while being infused with the elegant flavor of balsamic vinegar, which gives the cheese this sweet/sour taste all in one bite.


Dare to be bold, spicy and earthy all at once with CasArrigoni Cheese.

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