Boschetto Al Tartufo Bianchetto

With so many choices to pick from, especially with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, shoppers usually just go with items that they know, but this is a mistake and their cooking suffers from it.

When looking for olive oil go with Castiglion Del Bosco Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil for an oil with a golden in color with shades of emerald, has a fresh olive taste, with hints of cardoon and artichoke,  very broad and balanced with a pleasant bitter and spicy aftertaste making it particularly delightful. This oil is imported from Italy and is produced using cold extraction of olives.

An important issue often not realized by consumers is that the freshness of the olive oil makes a big difference. A very fresh oil, as available in an oil producing region, tastes noticeably different from the older oils available elsewhere. In time, oils deteriorate and become stale. One-year old oil may be still pleasant to the taste, but it is surely less fragrant than fresh oil. For optimal freshness, when storing extra virgin olive oil be sure to keep it away from heat and light.

Most people use olive oil in their cooking, but many cultures, dating back to ancient Greece, also use olive oil as a home remedy for skin care. The Japanese in particular use a lot of olive oil due to their belief that both the ingestion and topical application of olive oil is good for the skin and overall health.

The Castiglion Del Bosco Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect for enhancing the flavor of any dish you choose, but is especially ideal for dressing fresh vegetables, drizzled over bruschetta or to use when tossing a pasta dish.

So for whatever cooking needs you have or if you choose to use extra virgin olive oil for health reasons, always make sure to use Castiglion Del Bosco Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil to give your cooking a good kick in the pants.