Carrington Farms 100% Organic Pure Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

If you’ve recently made the switch to a healthier lifestyle, then chances are you’ve heard people raving about coconut oil. So, what’s all the hype about and why should you trade in your olive oil for Carrington Farms 100% Organic Pure Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil?

First of all, coconuts in general are known for the healthy fats that they provide. Most uninformed people here the word “fat” and get scared off, but it’s important to know that there are healthy fats as well and they should become an important part of your diet. Carrington Farms 100% Organic Pure Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has been deemed as the healthiest oil on earth by nutritionists everywhere for that exact reason. Once you buy coconut oil, you should start opting to use it in recipes as opposed to vegetable oil. For example, for a perfect dessert after dinner you can sauté a banana in coconut oil and you instantly have a healthy and delicious treat without putting harmful ingredients into your body. Carrington Farms 100% Organic Pure Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is simply pressed and bottled so it retains all of its original nutrients that were packed into it, making it the best oil to have in your house, hands down.

Besides for cooking, Carrington Farms 100% Organic Pure Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil can be used to mix together a face mask that will soften your skin. You would never put olive oil onto your face, but that’s the beauty of coconut oil and its myriad of uses. When stocking up your kitchen, you want ingredients that will be good for your body. Coconut oil exemplifies this perfectly by being able to be used on both the outside of your body and the inside. Using Carrington Farms 100% Organic Pure Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is simple: just replace it in any recipe that you would have used other oils for. Sauté your vegetables in it or spread it on your pan before making pancakes. Your body will feel energized and you’ll love what you see!

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Cipriani Food High Protein 30% Tagliolini Extra Thin Egg White Pasta

When it comes to healthy cooking, a good idea is to restock your kitchen with the right, healthy ingredients in lieu of unhealthier options, like whole milk with skim milk, sodas with seltzers, and cookies and ice cream for yogurts and fruit.

It takes a change in mindset, but you will find that making these simple changes will help your cooking, improve your health and mind, and you won’t even notice the difference after a while.

A really great alternative to traditional flour pasta is egg white pasta. If you’re looking to lighten your pasta dishes and add a little protein, you definitely should consider trying Cipriani’s High Protein Tagliolini Extra Thin Egg White Pasta for your next meal.

Egg white pasta is a great alternative because it eliminates flour and is lighter in calories. Pasta is known for being heavy in calories and carbs, but you have to admit that there are some really great pasta dishes you really can’t go without. Egg white pasta allows you to enjoy your favorite pasta dishes with a lighter twist.

This egg white pasta is 100% cholesterol free. Egg whites are also naturally gluten free, meaning you couldn’t find a healthier, tastier alternative to flour. Use this egg white pasta to make saucy spaghetti and meatballs, or light chicken pasta with a lemon lime sauce topped off with parmesan cheese.

Egg white pasta is also great in soups and stews. Break up a few strands of this egg white pasta into a chunky chicken soup or into hearty beef stew. If you’re feeling really adventurous, there are also many recipes for desert pastas. The big difference is that your dishes will be healthier and lighter, all from changing one simple ingredient. Your taste buds will only notice the difference for the better.

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Congedi Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Handmade Cruets

To feel more connected to your cooking, and the integrity of the ingredients, a great way to start is by investing in food items that come in their traditional and customary containers. This congedi extra virgin olive oil comes in a handmade ceramic cruet that is both visually stunning and quality made.

In many cultures the containers, pots and pans used to made fresh food are just as important as the food itself. Mexican cooking is saturated with functional tools for cooking that are just as important and integral to the meal as the food itself. The Mexican pestle is a great example. In fact, certain cultures can be identified and named solely by the pottery they use and how it is made.

Olive oil is no stranger to tradition, and this handmade ceramic cruet follows in that tradition. Filled with the finest oil, produced in strict compliance with the ancient methods of olive oil extraction passed down through centuries, you know you are investing in nothing but the best.

Just like fine wines, any olive oil connoisseurs will have certain oils set aside as favorites or for special events. This might be the oil for you, but the truth is I find it rather difficult not integrating a favorite oil in my meals throughout the day. I use a pinch to top of an onion bagel with salmon and a bit of cream cheese. For lunch, nothing hits the spot than a sliced baguette dipped in olive oil and spices with a side of hummus and cheese. And for a simple dinner, simply season your favorite cut of steak in olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a side salad. Take minutes, and it’s delicious.

This handmade ceramic cruet may be what inspires you to elevate your cooking, or it might remind you that the best foods come from the most traditional and simplest creations.

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Chateau d'Estoublon Olive Oil Mini Tubes

If you are looking to add some variety into your life, you have come to the right place. No need to travel across the world, the flavors of Italy can now be brought into your very kitchen All the way from the olive grove, Chateau d’Estoublon, will have a varying range of oils to enhance your meal. With the Chateau d'Estoublon Olive Oil Mini Tubes you are getting three special tubes, which vary in what foods to use them with.  Each tube of oil is handpicked to give you the best tasting meals, every time.

The first Chateau d’Estoublon tube is the finest mixture. This is called Grossane. The taste may come as a surprise, as the citrus fruit aromas absorb into your meal. But the Grossane, handpicked in the depths of Italy, is the finest of them all.  This citrus oil is not a strong aroma. Instead it will lightly burst the citrusy flavor in your food and onto your palette, the right way. This is the perfect oil to douse over a salad, whether it be with fruit or not, this citrus flavor will add the perfect touch.

The second tube of Chateau d’Estoublon is the best to be used with steaming vegetables or a fillet of fish. The La Boutellian aroma is a more scented aroma then the citrus. With a deep scent of asparagus, sweet tomato leaves and green apple, this mixture is the perfect balance of complex but a dash of sweet. And lastly, the third tube of the Chateau d'Estoublon Olive Oil Mini Tubes is the deepest one of all. With a strong pungent aroma, La Picholine can be used with various foods. Whether it be fish or lettuce or even ice cream, this flavorful oil will bring out the best in any food.

After all is used, you may have to travel to Italy just to see how they do it! And trust me, Chateau d’Estoublon will be awaiting your arrival!

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Boschetto Al Tartufo Bianchetto

With so many choices to pick from, especially with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, shoppers usually just go with items that they know, but this is a mistake and their cooking suffers from it.

When looking for olive oil go with Castiglion Del Bosco Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil for an oil with a golden in color with shades of emerald, has a fresh olive taste, with hints of cardoon and artichoke,  very broad and balanced with a pleasant bitter and spicy aftertaste making it particularly delightful. This oil is imported from Italy and is produced using cold extraction of olives.

An important issue often not realized by consumers is that the freshness of the olive oil makes a big difference. A very fresh oil, as available in an oil producing region, tastes noticeably different from the older oils available elsewhere. In time, oils deteriorate and become stale. One-year old oil may be still pleasant to the taste, but it is surely less fragrant than fresh oil. For optimal freshness, when storing extra virgin olive oil be sure to keep it away from heat and light.

Most people use olive oil in their cooking, but many cultures, dating back to ancient Greece, also use olive oil as a home remedy for skin care. The Japanese in particular use a lot of olive oil due to their belief that both the ingestion and topical application of olive oil is good for the skin and overall health.

The Castiglion Del Bosco Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect for enhancing the flavor of any dish you choose, but is especially ideal for dressing fresh vegetables, drizzled over bruschetta or to use when tossing a pasta dish.

So for whatever cooking needs you have or if you choose to use extra virgin olive oil for health reasons, always make sure to use Castiglion Del Bosco Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil to give your cooking a good kick in the pants.

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