Condorelli Italian Holiday Cakes and Treats

When it comes to trying out news foods, it is my honest suggestion that you take advantage any opportunity that comes your way to sample new flavors. Candy is a great way to start. Every culture and region has traditional candies are pastries that you can sample without breaking the bank or going too wild. You can’t go wrong. Who doesn’t love traditional pastries? And it’s an opportunity to learn from another culture.

Pasta Cheese offers an assortment of traditional Condorelli Italian Holiday Cakes and Treats that are hard to find outside of Italy. If left to my own devices, my diet would consist of little more than marzipan fruit and chocolate covered orange peels. These Condorelli Italian Holiday Cakes and Treats are the best you could find without a passport, and they’re made with the finest ingredients and follow the strictest traditional recipes. And that is key here: there is nothing worse than trying something for the first time only to have a negative experience. That happened to me with my first cannoli. It was store bought and had been sitting under lights for hours. By the time I had it, it was soggy and stale. I didn’t have a real cannoli until I visited Little Italy in the Bronx, and I was reformed. These candies are made with the same quality in mind.

For Valentine’s Day, gift that special someone with a box of Torroncini nougats. It’s a twist on the ordinary box of chocolates and definitely much more special than something you would buy at the same place you pick up couch syrup. For a twist on the traditional chocolate and nut bar, try the Condorelli soft nougat bars with pistachios. You will never eat chocolate out of the vending machine again.

Trying out quality-made sweets is the simplest way to explore new flavors from different cultures. There is no pressure because candies are supposed to invoke pleasant feelings. Once you’ve got the candy down, you can work your way up to breakfasts from around the world, to dinner specialties. You will be eating rare delicacies in no time.