People have spent centuries perfecting the art of food. The small subtleties in different kinds of food can bring a whole new experience to the palette that adds even more enjoyment to food. Perhaps the best example of this is with regards to wine and cheese. Each comes in endless varieties, and the possibilities are even greater when they're paired together.


There are four basic types of cheese:

  • Bloomy cheeses are creamy and decadent with a soft rind.
  • Hard cheeses are stiff, sharp and salty and have often been aged.
  • Blue cheeses are pungent and salty with a blue tinge.
  • Fresh cheeses are not aged so they are soft and spreadable with a mild, tangy taste.


The flavors of wine and cheese can beautifully complement each other and many cheeses have been crafted for this specific purpose. It could take a lifetime to sample everything that wine and cheese have to offer. The best way to try different wine and cheese combinations is to have a party! With so many options available, there's bound to be something for everyone. Choose a few combinations that feature your favorite varieties and share this gourmet experience with your friends. Below are some popular wine and cheese pairings:



Bloomy Cheeses

Camembert - Champagne

Brie - Chardonnay

Robiola – Sparkling WIne

Taleggio - Pinot Blanc


Hard Cheeses

Gouda - Merlot

Cheddar - Cabernet Sauvignon

Parmesan- Chianti

Double Gloucester - Zinfandel

Pecorino - Valpolicella

Gruyere - Sauvignon Blanc

Fontina - Bardolino


Blue Cheeses

Gorgonzola - Port

Stilton - Sauternes

Blue - Riesling

Cambozola - Eiswein


Fresh Cheeses

Ricotta - Pinot Grigio

Mozzarella - Sauvignon Blanc

Goat - Chenin Blanc

Feta - Beaujolais

Burrata - Tocai Friulano