Bucheron Cheese 2 Lb Log

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Bucheron Cheese 2 Lb Log

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Made near Sevre et Belle in the Loire Valley of France, Bucheron (which translates as 'lumberjack' in French) is produced from pasteurized goat's milk in the shape of a 2 Lb log Cheeses are matured for five to ten weeks, by which time they are coated with a bloomy, white rind. Chalky at its center, the interior paste of Bucheron is bright white, becoming slightly more translucent towards the rind as the cheese matures. When young, the texture is dense, semifirm and somewhat clay-like, although with age the area under the rind breaks down and becomes soft, verging on gooey (especially at room temperature). Flavors are mild and accessible in young cheeses, becoming more assertively tangy with age. Notes of lemon, earth and citrus are usual, together with occasional hints of mushrooms. Pair with a Loire Valley white such as Sancerre and Pouilly Fume.
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