Canti Pecorino di Rocca with Grappa Cheese - 1 Lb.

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Canti Pecorino di Rocca with Grappa Cheese - 1 Lb.

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Our pecorino with grappa features a remarkably white and compact texture. We celebrated the marriage between the pecorino traditionally produced in Tuscany with a soft-flavoured grappa distilled in the same region, thus obtaining a fragrant, aromatic and savoury cheese. As a result of its seasoning, the alcoholic residue (ethanol) is not detectable with the instrumental test using a quantification limit of 0,1%; in fact, the cheese is missing the inebriating power of alcohol. On the contrary it maintains its flavour in a very gentle and untiring manner, appreciated also by those who do not like to (or cannot) drink wines or spirits. Its peculiar character never tires our palates and makes it a perfect match for salami, compotes or jams. INGREDIENTS Pasteurized sheep’s milk, grappa (6%) salt, rennet, ferments. The rind is treated with linseed oil and is not edible ALLERGENS Milk and dairy products - pasteurized sheep's milk (ingredient) OGM No OGM derived products are used to produce the cheese
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