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CasArrigoni Blue di Capra Italian Blue Cheese

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Blue di Capra is a blue cheese made by CasArrigoni using pure Italian goat's milk. They control the entire production line which give them the unique advantage of controlling how the final product will taste.The importance of Lombardy’s contribution to the Italian cheese-making tradition is shown by the number of DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) cheeses that are produced in this region (30% of Italian DOP cheeses are produced in Lombardy), from grana Padano to gorgonzola to taleggio and Strachitunt. In the past Lombardy was a region which based its economy on farming and on food production. This is where some cheeses, now famous the world over, originated and where this invaluable heritage is still protected and perpetuated.

CasArrigoni Blue di Capra Italian Blue Cheese

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Manufacturer Part Number 341834
Country of Origin Italy
Region Lombardia
Ingredients Goat’s milk, salt, rennet

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