Castello Di Ama Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 16.9 oz 1

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One of the main reasons you have probably not heard about this oil it is that it is made in very limited quantities. Four varieties of olives harvested in the bucolic countryside of Ama, in the Chianti Classico zone, imbue a rich blend of flavors and a deep hue into the oil of Castello di Ama. The olives are harvested from an orchard comprised of nearly 10,000 trees, maintained by hand so as to not damage the trees or their fruit. The trees are very low yielding (only about 1 liter per tree), so the overall production is low. With a premium placed on ensuring quality over large volume or rapid production time, pressing occurs on the day the olives are picked and in small batches, assuring that the acidity remains low. The resulting unfiltered oil is opaque green in color with a fruity aroma, a strong earthy flavor up front and a lively, peppery finish. This is an extremely high quality, hard to find oil...produced at an estate that is also making very high quality Chianti Classico wine.