PLEASE REFER TO OUR SHIPPING POLICY FOR PERISHABLE PRODUCTS.English Farmhouse Cheddar combined with Italian black truffles for a distinctive earthy savory flavor.
Combines the creamy texture of Classic English Cheddar with the complex and luxuriant flavour of Black Summer Truffle and mushroom salsa.
Enjoy jam and jellies and eat healthy the. Switch from high calorie, sugary jam and jellies that easily add 190 calories with just 2 level tablespoons and treat yourself to calorie free fruit spreads. Les Folies Fromage (The Cheese Follies) by...
Our Vintage Canadian Cheddar has been aged for 3-4 years! Cheddar is a firmly pressed cheese with a hard, homogenous texture. The cheese begins life with a flexible texture and slightly acidic, buttery sweet taste. The fat, protein, minerals, and ashes...