Honey imported from Greece. Ingredients:Greek Honey, Mastic oil, Mastic water
This sweet and zesty condiment is obtained by the combination of the delicate flavor of Italian honey, the fruitiness of grape must and the spicy aftertaste of ginger root. It is ideal with poultry, fish, salads, pinzimonio and for sauces or marinades...
Light Color honey, This honey has a delightful taste and a great all around honey to use.
The blessed Cretan land generously offers us three, excellent in quality categories of honey, which are marked by strong flavor, eminent taste, high nourishing value and spare useful ingredients for the human body. Thyme honey in combination with the...
An excellent and tasteful combination of two flavors of high nutritional value that help you start your day full of energy. Try Macedonian Tahini with honey on a slice of bread, toast, with breadsticks or cookies. Then your favourite breakfast will...
Acacia honey is a clear, liquid and very smooth honey. Once in the mouth, you will feel the sweet flavor of the acacia white flower. This light and smooth honey is ideal for children. You can taste it on toasts or use it to sweeten hot drinks.
A true Tuscany honey from sunflowers. Sunflower Honey is bright yellow, not very sweet, dry, with an aroma of pollen, slightly herbaceous. It has a lively, pleasant taste, and is often called the traditional honey. Sunflower fields are a real flower...