This product is 100% Natural, with no additives. Perfect as a cheese accompaniment or mixed into yogurt or as a dessert topping. Product of Spain. Ingredients: dried figs, sugar, water, sesame seeds and lemon juice.
These kalamata crown figs are sun dried and all natural. Havested from the best fig trees in Kalamata. Product of Greece.
Kymi Figs are known throughout Europe as a Protected Designation of Origin Product, they are only grown in the village of Kymi on the Greek island of Evia. What makes them so special? Our dried figs are deliciously sweet, have a thin delicate skin, and...
Chestnuts peeled, soft and tasty ready to eat as a snack or in the kitchen for the preparation of soups, stuffings, roasts and many other tasty dishes. The production process does not require the storage of the product in a refrigerated environment.
FREE GROUND SHIPPING! These special Toasted Almonds with Salt are from the Levante area of Spain. The rounded "marcona" variety is the most popular and appreciated because of its impressive flavor and nutritious value. Marcona Almonds are...
Mostarda is an Italian condiment made of candied fruit and mustard flavored syrup. Commercially the essential oil of mustard is employed, which has the advantage of transparency; in home cooking mustard powder heated in white wine may be used...