Cavalli Limited Edition Traditional Balsamic Vinegar di Reggio Emilia, Aged 12 Years - 8.45 fl oz

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Cavalli now presents a very special limited release ACETO BALSAMICO TRADIZIONALE DI REGGIO EMILIA DOP Vinegar in a 250ML traditional bottle commemorating the event in 1046 AC where the Tuscan Marquis Bonifacio, father of the countess Matilde of Canossa, presents Balsamic vinegar to King Henry III on his visit from Germany to Canossa.

This is the beginning of writings which mention Balsamic vinegar. On front of this new bottle is the serigraph of the sign of Matilde di Canossa and on the back is a serigraph depicting Bonifacio, Matilde's father, presenting the King with a precious little barrel of the vinegar produced in the fortress of Canossa.