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Caviar and Caviar
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Caviar & Caviar White Sturgeon Caviar, 4 oz

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Impressive Caviar. Known for it’s medium to large size pearls, buttery and nutty flavor, the Transmontanus Caviar is an excellent choice. This Caviar is produced in California USA and Italy. The California Sturgeon farm has a micro-ecosystem in place: where filtered water ultimately passes through a 4 acre hydroponics pond, that will be blooming with vegetables harvested year around. This whole process is designed to clean and recharge the waters so that the Sturgeon can swim in the most pristine and mineral rich recycled waters. That means, virtually no mercury, residual pesticides, pollutants or chemicals are found in the sustainable waters.

Caviar & Caviar White Sturgeon Caviar, 4 oz

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Country of Origin United States
Region California
Ingredients Osetra, Grade 1
Preparation Fresh, Cured with Salt
Storage Keep Refrigerated for a maximum of 4 to 6 weeks.
Additional Information 4 to 6 servings

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