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Beemster Vlaskaas Cheese - Sold by the Pound

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Sweet & Creamy Taste 

Historically, Vlaskaas was made only once a year to celebrate the Flax Harvest. Its creamy sweetness is loved by children and cheese connoissers.
In 2004 the Vlaskaas recipe was discovered and recreated by Beemster. Since then Vlaskaas has won golden medals around the world and is now made year-round.  

Beemster Vlaskaas is the newest addition to Beemster's line of Premium Gourmet Dutch Cheeses; however, is the oldest cheese recipe with the group of cheeses. When translated Vlaskaas mean Flax cheese. This delightfully sweet and creamy cheese was made only during the harvest festival of the flax for the workers to eat on thick slices of bread and with porridge while they worked and celebrated. In 2004 the harvest festival celebration was recreated as a community event. While digging through archives for information on the exact way to recreate the harvest festival the recipe for Vlaskaas was discovered. It was soon decided that after generations of rest it was time for Vlaskaas to live again!

Renowned for the best milk quality in The Netherlands, Beemster was asked to make the Vlaskaas recipe. The result was spectacular! Vlaskaas became the centrepiece of the entire harvest festival.

Gold-medal winner; its creamy sweetness appeals to all palates. 
Pairs nicely with beers and white wines. 

Beemster Vlaskaas Cheese - Sold by the Pound

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Country of Origin Netherlands
Storage Keep refrigerated until use

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