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Brillo di Treviso Cheese 1lb piece

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Brillo di Treviso combines these two Italian classics, cheese and wine, in beautiful harmony. This wine-washed cheese comes to us from Venice, where it is made from pasteurized cow's milk and washed with red wine. Because the cheese is made in individual 12-14 ounce wheels, each bite tastes distinctly of robust, fruity Italian red wine. The thin wine-bathed rind encases an ivory colored, semi-soft cheese with a slight tang that nicely complements the wine. Ideal as a table cheese, brillo also melts beautifully.
This cheese is made with Pateurized cow's milk, rennet and salt. Brillo Treviso cheese is infused in red local wine from Treviso, Italy.

Brillo di Treviso Cheese  1lb piece

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Country of Origin Italy
Storage Keep refrigerated until use

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