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Cacio Birraio
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Cacio Birraio Cheese Aged in Double Malt Beer 16.5 oz

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This cheese is made with pasteurized cow' milk, rennet and salt. This cheese is infused in hi-quality red beer giving this cheese an unique taste.
Cacio Birraio is a soft paste cheese made with cow’s milk from Treviso hills of Italy. Left to ripen briefly in climatized and ventilated maturation rooms, then immersed in pure double malt artisan beer. During the maturation phase the cheeses are continuously monitored and turned, gradually acquiring the fragrance of the beer. Although young, Cacio Birraio has a distinct personality characterized by an exhilarating blend of tastes and aromas ranging from the delicate fragrance of hops to an intense malty flavor. Hints of honey, caramel and toasted barley mingle with soft, sweet milky flavors!

Cacio Birraio Cheese Aged in Double Malt Beer 16.5 oz

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Country of Origin Italy

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