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Grana Padano 5lbs

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Grana Padano is a half fat cheese, because it is obtained from partially skimmed milk. It's easy to digest, as the maturing process and the enzymes that develop during the production process bring about a digestion process similar to that which takes place in the human body.
This makes Grana Padano particularly suitable for children and the elderly, as well as those with a sporty lifestyle, to whom it supplies instant energy, and also makes it a valuable part of the diet during pregnancy and breast feeding.
To look after this precious product from the Po Valley, the Consortium for the preservation of Grana Padano was founded in 1954. One year later the cheese was awarded the Protected Designation of Origin, granted by Decree no. 1269 of October 30, 1955. Today Grana Padano is a Protected Designation of Origin cheese (DOC) in accordance with European Commission regulation no. 1107/96.

Grana Padano 5lbs

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Country of Origin Italy

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