Vintage Irish Cheddar, Sold by the pound

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Vintage Irish Cheddar, Sold by the pound

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Vintage Irish Cheddar is carefully matured for at least twelve months. during this process, it is continually graded, so that only the very best Irish cheese finally bears the 'Vintage' label. Kerrygold Vintage Irish Cheddar boasts a delightfully distinctive character. Aged for three to six months the wheel is encased in black wax to differentiate it from less-aged Cheddars. This connoisseur's cheddar, notable for its rich, rounded, buttery flavor and firm, smooth body, deserves a place on the cheese board alongside your choice of the world's other great cheeses. Pair it with Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon Blends and Syrah.
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Country of Origin Ireland