Ricotta Salata Cheese for Grating, 16 oz

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Ricotta Salata Cheese for Grating, 16 oz

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Ricotta Salata, this is an Italian cheese made from 100% sheep's milk. Characteristic of Southern Italy, it is enjoyable for cooking, salads or on its own and is available in semi-soft form or hard, which is mostly used for grating. Ricotta salata, the saltier, aged version of its fresher cohort. It's great for slicing, crumbling, and grating, and it's sure to be one of your newest favorite cheeses. We talk a good deal about ricotta, which when made right, can taste more of milk or cream than cheese. With the addition of salt (hence, "salata"), two months of age, and some pressing, ricotta looses moisture and becomes crumbly. Ricotta Salata maintains a unique freshness, perhaps that milky quality of ricotta, but changes in texture, becoming dry and spongy, almost like an aged feta. It's sharper, too, from that extra dose of salt.
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Country of Origin Italy