Cipriani Basket with Olive Oil

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Cipriani Basket with Olive Oil

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This basket is full of the famous Cipriani products.

It includes:

Cipriani Bizantina 12.3oz,

Cipriani Pomod'oro 12.3oz, 

Cipriani Venetian Coffee Beans 8.8oz,

Tagliardi Pasta 8.8oz,

Tagliarelle Pasta 8.8oz,

Tagliolini Pasta 8.8oz,

Pappardelle Pasta 8.8oz,

Cipriani Pesto alla Genovese 4.23oz,

Cipriani Jam

Cipriani's Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

The perfect basket to create a romantic meal for the one you love.

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Country of Origin Italy