Fiuggi Sparkling Water - 1 Liter (6 Bottles)

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Fiuggi Sparkling Water - 1 Liter (6 Bottles)

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Taste the unique characteristics of the water whose purity, quality and authenticity has taken care of Italians for generations. Enjoy the cleansing properties from its unique mineral makeup, experience the pleasure of well-being and benefit from the stimulation of kidney function with the water from Italy’s most famous spring. Bottled directly at the source in Italy, Fiuggi has been enjoyed by Italians and Europeans over the last eight centuries for its health benefits and smooth natural taste. Fiuggi water is situated in Lazio at the foot of Monti Ernici. Fiuggi and its spa complex represent the largest resource for this area. The purifying capacity of these waters has been recognized since ancient times. Prehistorically the basin of Fiuggi was a lake, which over time due to volcanic phenomena and lacustrine sedimentation filled up over time with layers of lime, clay, tuff, and ash. Today the water filters through a blanket of volcanic deposits emerging in numerous water sources. The secret in the properties of Fiuggi water stem from its unique composition. Fiuggi water has diuretic effects and facilitates the elimination of uric acid, metabolic waste and metabolic nitrogen. Fiuggi was made famous by Pope Boniface VIII and later by Michelangelo – Both of whom claimed the water cured them of their kidney stones and cleansed their bodies For over 60 years Fiuggi has been known in Italy as “The water that keeps you young”
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