Fiasconaro Nocciole (Hazelnut) Panettone - 1 kg

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Fiasconaro Nocciole (Hazelnut) Panettone - 1 kg

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The experience acquired through the years in artisan workshops and confectioners, first in Italy and then broad, and the knowledge of the latest work techniques, have made the Fiasconaros pioneers in the artisan confectionery sector. Their love of natures flavours, their respect for natures times and an unshakeable faith in tradition, have never made them fall for the enticements of large scale industrial production. Traditional cake with raisins, topped with sugar bits and hazelnuts.

Ingredients chosen and selected exclusively from the production island as sugar, vanilla, citrus honey, hazelnuts, stimulate the palate with unexpected combinations of flavors and fragrances. A slow and gradual rise, which comes naturally implemented over a thirty-six hours, guarantees quality and flavor to baked goods, in full respect of confectionery traditions Madonie.

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Country of Origin Italy