Fiasconaro Panettone Apricot and Chocolate 2.2 Lbs

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Fiasconaro Panettone Apricot and Chocolate 2.2 Lbs

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Apricot & Chocolate Confectionery when it becomes Art, Kindness, Quality and Tradition. Unmistakable sign of recognition of baked goods Fiasconaro is the sourdough, a slow fermentation process. sweet homemade cake baked with candied apricot and chocolate of Modica covered with icing and hazelnuts. Wrapping hand. 1000 gr. chosen ingredients and selected exclusively from the production island as sugar, vanilla, citrus honey, hazelnuts; stimulate the taste buds with unexpected combinations of flavors and fragrances. Panettone Fiasconaro Apricot and Chocolate A slow and gradual leavening, which of course was accomplished within hours thirty-six guarantees quality and fragrance to Panettone; in full respect of the traditions confectionery Madonie. The three brothers Fausto, Martin and Nicholas; little more than children, helping out in his spare time, began to learn the craft. Today Fiasconaro Brothers are at the head of the company that bears their name Fausto is responsible showrooms; Martin is the head of the administration, Nicholas is the first award-winning pastry chef and has received the title of Honorary Citizen; by the Municipality of Avola for his role in recent years as ambassador of the sweet Sicilian excellence in the world.
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